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Soft Washing of: Render, Stone & more

Soft wash cleaning is a very effective and necessary method of cleaning for apartment blocks, houses and large buildings in eliminating the algae spores preventing serious damage to the render/stone.

Due to the high quality, clean and fresh finish, it can eliminate the considerable expense to paint or form part of the necessary preparation prior to painting to eliminate all spores. Painting without cleaning is ‘masking’ the problem causing accelerated deterioration of your painted surface as the spores and algae breakdown the paint. This can lead to considerable and unwelcome costs.

A newly rendered building looks great, especially the coloured render option (K-rend). This type of coloured render is often sold as maintenance free however, the reality is that within a few years algae often appears on the surface of the render, making the new render look old and dirty.

We do not use a high pressure on your render as this can cause damage to the surface. In some cases high pressure cleaning can ruin the surface and mean it needs to be replaced. This is why we only clean render using low pressure soft wash cleaning techniques, which can include using some chemicals or low pressure and high heat to remove dirt, air pollutants and organic growth.

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