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For residential customers, we operate on a 4 or 8 weekly rotation. If you live in a high traffic or polluted environment we would recommend a 4 weekly clean, otherwise after your first two initial cleans you can move onto 8 weekly if this is your preferred frequency.

For commercial customers, we operate on a 1-8 weekly rotation, if your premises are in a high traffic environment then we would recommend 4 weekly however, the frequency choice is yours and will be based on your requirements.

We use a waterfed pole system, this uses purified water which is then applied to your, frames, sills and doors via cleaning and rinsing methods and left to dry naturally to leave your windows sparkly and clean.

By using purified water and no chemicals or soaps we are helping to look after and prolong the life of the rubber seals and UPVC or wood frames on your windows along with looking after the glass.

Our brushes are all soft bristled and will not leave scratches on your windows.

We message residential customers the night before visiting based on the selected clean frequency so that access such as gates can be unlocked for access.

For commercial customers we carry out the required clean as per the contracted requirements, this is normally before or during opening hours so that there are staff on site to book us in and sign to confirm works completed.

We currently accept payment via BACS, Paypal, Cheque or Cash.

We are in the process of moving our existing customers over to Go Cardless and any new customers will be signed up to this, it is essentially like a direct debit. So once we have completed your clean we let you know via sms and then the money is requested from your bank.

Yes, we have full Public Liability insurance at £5 million & Comprehensive van insurance.

Our water fed pole system uses very strong carbon poles which carry only 100% pure water to a soft brush head at the end of the pole. Your windows, sills and frames are then scrubbed by myself with this brush to loosen any dirt, the dirt is then flushed away with jets of pure water that come through the brush it self.

If you use normal water over a window and wait for it to dry you will notice that it will leave streaks on your glass. These streaks are caused by chemicals, minerals and other imperfections in the actual water itself. The pure water which comes through our water fed pole system passes through a filtration system to remove these impurities, allowing for a 100% perfect clean of your windows, frames and sills.

No, our window cleaning company has invested heavily in a professional van that contain huge water tanks of purified water actually inside them. This means that we do not need to use your water supply to clean your windows. The water in these tanks is treated on our premises and is then pumped into the tanks so as to provide our professional window cleaners the high quality water they need to do their job to a very high standard.

Yes we can clean conservatory roofs with our water fed pole system, however if your windows above your conservatory are partially obscured we may not be able to clean it effectively. If you have any windows that you are concerned about please ask our evaluator when he comes to give you your free quote and he will be able to advise you if there will be a problem.

Even the heaviest deposits can be removed effectively with our water fed pole window cleaning system. Our water fed pole system can even clean heavily soiled windows that are even covered with such deposits as moss, thick dirt and bird droppings due to the fact that it uses only pure water. This makes our professional water fed pole system the only window cleaning tool that should be used on your windows.

Definitely yes. On the vast majority of our window cleaning, on both residential and commercial properties, our water fed pole system is far more efficient than the manual approach using a ladder. The equipment just needs to be taken off the van and is instantly ready to be used, due to the fact that our system is ladderless, and can still reach up to 6 stories, the time we spend cleaning your windows is significantly reduced. On average we expect to be approximately 30% faster on residential window cleaning while up to a massive 50% faster on any commercial properties, also due to the fact that our water fed pole system is ladderless you do not need to worry about the working at height legislation that you are unfortunately bound to by law. This legislation means that you are unfortunately liable if a window cleaner falls from a height while he is contracted by you on your premises.

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