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Cleaning of: Render, Stone & more

Cleaning of: Render, Stone & More

Wizard Exterior Cleaning is able to provide cleaning of Render, K-Rend and Stone using softwashing techniques.

Softwash cleaning is a very effective and necessary method of cleaning for apartment blocks, houses and large buildings in eliminating the cyanobacteria, algae, moss and mould spores preventing serious damage to the render and stone.

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Render and Stone Cleaning

We don’t use harsh abrasive methods like jetwashing as this can remove a layer from the surface which may result in long term problems. Instead we use a soft washing technique which is gentle with no pressure, which can help the surface stay cleaner for longer. Softwashing helps sanitise the exterior of your property and helps remove cyanobacteria, algae, moss and mould.

We believe that when you have invested in your property, it is worth looking after and softwashing will help give you the results you are looking for. By looking after the exterior and treating spores such as moss and algae you will help reduce the cleaning frequency and keep your property looking better for longer with added kerb appeal.

Due to the high quality, clean and fresh finish, it can eliminate the considerable expense to paint or form part of the necessary preparation prior to painting to eliminate all of the spores. Painting without cleaning is ‘masking’ the problem causing accelerated deterioration of your painted surface as the spores and algae breakdown the paint. This can lead to considerable and unwelcome costs.

All of our staff are fully trained in render and stone cleaning with many years of experience and knowledge of the machinery, chemicals and application methods that we use.


Benefits of Softwashing Render:

The Soft Washing chemicals we use are designed to be biodegradable and are Low VOC.

If you want the highest quality of care for your property and your investment then softwashing will give you the results that you are looking for.

British weather seasons are very up and down which increases the growth of algae, moss and other organic matter which can cause damage to your render if left un-cleaned and untreated. Softwashing is a cost effective method of removing this and also cleans in the process.

Wizard Exterior Cleaning can safely clean your property from the safety of the ground or using scaffolding or lift access equipment where required.

New and older properties alike all look impressive when freshly rendered but over time they become dirty with moss, algae and traffic pollution taking its toll, leaving the building looking dull, grey or green and stained. They are often sold as maintenance free however the reality is that within a few years the colour starts to change.

We are able to safely and gently remove all colours of organic matter without causing any damage to your render. We will never use a pressure washer on your render as this could result in the render blowing along with removing a layer of protection and causing further damage and problems which could end up being a costly fix down the road.

We also have a Mazzoni hot box which provides us with low pressure, high temperature steam. This allows us to clean without penetrating your render and is brilliant for cleaning stone ledges, limestone & more. This is also a gentle but very effective method of cleaning.


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What happens when we quote?

Wizard Exterior Cleaning always prefer to carry out a free test patch on all rendered buildings.

We do this so that:

-We can ensure that the surface is in suitable condition for softwashing as no two buildings are alike

- So that we can survey the area to be cleaned for access

- So that we can meet you the customer and discuss your expectations and requirements.

- The test patch is so that you can see the results and what to expect from the clean.

- We also offer annual maintenance packages to ensure that your property continues to look good.

Call us now on 07795198192 to book your free test patch and no obligation quote

“There is a time & a place for pressure washing, but we strongly advise that it should not be used on your render, roof, stone ledges or trims”

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